Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová


“In our works, we like to interlink all kind of practices and thus to destabilize the historical, scientific, and philosophical pillars of our society. Since our world is constituted by words (language = spectacle = nomenclature), in order to bring forth a change, we are looking for words/language that are capable of creating transformation, i.e. gossip, jokes, mantras, incantations, oral instead of written history, etc. […] Art is for us an alchemistic process that should have a transformative (magic) effect, a homeopathic process with re-forming consequences on the world. The retreat to the kingdom of magic is also a political decision, an escape into a field that is beyond any kind of economic, legislative, or political surveillance, and beyond any control of the Empire. […] Usually a female duo is perceived as the incarnation of standard erotic male fantasies. Yet precisely because we are a female duo, we generate the cockiness and strength to wrestle with the sublimations of these fantasies. Forming and performing a female duo is a way to outdare the scripts that are inflicted on women by society, as well as a way of dismantling the self-imposed (internalized) mechanisms of male domination that women carry out. […] We belong to a generation that had to learn to forget and to re-discover a new version of the past. Everything we learned at school suddenly became false, and this shift strongly relativized our trust in the institution of history as a record of "truth". We are interested in the zombiesque monads from the past that still haunt us today, and the embryos of the future in the past. Today, we are living the return of history. After the triumphalist "end of History" (Fukuyama 1992), it's now time to re-imagine the past and to begin from the beginning (Lenin).”
(Excerpts from “From Flirtation through Fatal Attraction to Fixation – Balancing out the Scales of Power”, Raluca Voinea in conversation with Anetta Mona Chişa and Lucia Tkáčová)